Grails 2.3.5 - grails stop-app - does not stop the app running via run-app

If you’re using Grails 2.3.X and you’re developing, most likely you’re running your app like this: [sourcecode language=“jscript”] grails run-app #in one command-prompt/shell-terminal and grails stop-app #in another command-prompt/shell-terminal [/sourcecode] With the latest version of Grails (version 2.3.5), the stop-app say: [sourcecode language=“jscript”] grails stop-app | Server Stopped But nothing happens and the server-process continues to run# [/sourcecode] Here’s an undocumented fix that can come in handy: [sourcecode language=“jscript”] On terminal/command-prompt #1 Run the way you do today grails run-app