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In A Nutshell (My values & principles I stand upon)

This is without a doubt the greatest time in all of human history to be alive! We have an abundance of information, knowledge, opportunity, possibility, resources, and wealth at our finger tips than any previous generation. I hope that together, we can each make a mark in history so that we will be known as the greatest generation that have ever lived! [B+]

Let us strive each day to move a little forward and closer towards - Peace, Love, Empathy, and Caring for each other!

This blog is a “labor of love” for all things beautiful, creative and interesting with respect to technology, curiosity & learning. It is an never ending work in progress… Always improved, always refined, crafted towards perfection, ever growing… This is my journal!

One question I ask myself each day: What is holding me back from being the best version of ME today?

What am I doing these days?

(The list below does not reflect my day-to-day office work but rather my personal pet projects, and my interests.)

From a Software Development Perspective

From a Git/Ops, CI/CD, Deployment, Cloud Perspective

Amazon AWS
Amazon SAM - Lambda
Google Cloud

Projects / Source Code / Public Repositories


Venkatt Guhesan

Name: Venkatt Guhesan

Residence: Maryland, USA

Interests: 💗 Live and Love Technology

My Identity, Roots & Values:

  • Tamilan : belonging to the people who speaks Tamil.
  • Rationalist : a person who bases their opinions and actions on reason and knowledge rather than on religious belief or emotional response.
  • Self-Respect : pride and confidence in oneself; a feeling that one is behaving with honor and dignity.
  • Self-Determination : the process by which a person controls their own life.

Ideals To Live By:

  • Live Life to the fullest!

  • Love What You Do!

  • Never Stop Learning!

  • Share The Knowledge With The World and Set It Free!

  • Stay Thirsty (for a 🍻 and Life!)

  • Have the courage to acknowledge something when “I don’t know”. Our learning begins then…

  • “Nullum Relinquam Post Virum” (“No One Left Behind”) or

  • “Nemo Resideo” (“No Man/Woman Left Behind”)

Electrical & Computer Engineer by education

Enterprise Architect & Software Developer by trade


  • Linux (CentOS, Red Hat, Gentoo, Open Stack, Docker & Ubuntu) and embedded processors (ARM processors and Microcontrollers).
  • Always learning and appreciating the beauty of the Thamizh (Tamil/தமிழ்) language as well as the cultural, linguistics aspects of the language.

Favorite Embedded Projects: Arduino , UDOO , Cubieboard , CuBox , BeagleBoard , TI’s Zigbee and TI’s Piccolo Controlstick

Work History:

  • Enterprise Architect & Engineer at Leidos (working as a developer/consultant at a “Modern Services” Group within the Federal Government space working to develop the next generation of tools and services to support the modern DevOps/GitOps pipeline for the organization.)
  • Software Engineer & Architect at ASC Tickets - developed some unique tools and frameworks for transforming the ticket broker industry.
  • Enterprise UI Architect for DataDirect Networks . Developed DDNInsight , an Enterprise Monitoring and Management Solution for all of the DDN products.
  • Enterprise Managing Architect DrFirst engineering an e-prescribing platform for controlled substances.
  • Thirteen years at Aon-Hewitt developed a premier suite of solutions for Human Resource and Benefits Management under the name RealLifeBenefits.

I have been lucky and blessed to be diversified in a wide variety of sectors including GitOps, DevOps, Finance, Investing, Mutual Fund Management, Insurance, Health Care, Rx Management, Ticket Broker Network, Publishing, High Performance Computing, Storage, Distributed File Systems (GPFS & Lustre) Monitoring & Management and last but more recently - Software Development Code Quality Metrics, Analytics and Reporting.

Family: wife, two daughters and a puppy (very blessed indeed)

Cultural Heritage and Ancestry:

  • First and foremost - the why? Being the first-generation immigrant to be transplanted abroad, preserving the cultural identity and heritage is important to me and my future generations to come. But I stand against any social-cutural-racial-liguistic-caste-religious zealotry or divide that exists within all cultures. I am with the founders of this country when they said - “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men (and women) are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” (to include women although they should have added ‘women’ back then as well. Crazy times!) and hoping that one day we can grow as a society to say “all life”. We are ALL beautiful creatures - unique in our abilities and talents, each worthy of praise and recognition. We stand on the shoulders of giants (our ancestors) – continually lifting us and propelling us forward to where we are today!
  • Language: Thamizh (Tamil/தமிழ்) - (proud to be speaking) one among the longest-surviving, continuously written and spoken – “classical” languages from the antiquity era. Etymologically speaking, it is interesting and surprising to note that words like “candy” (கண்டு - kandu), “cry” (கரை - karai), “cash” (காசு - kasu), “eight” (எட்டு - ettu), “victory” (வெற்றி - vetri), “terra” (தரை - tharai), “name” (நாமம் - naamam) and many more have originated from the Thamizh (தமிழ்) language.
  • Family from வேட்டைக்காரன்புதூர் - உடுமலை - கணியூர் மாவட்டம் (From Vetaikaranputhur - Udamalpet - Kanuyur circle/location/geolocation) - பாண்டிய வேளாளர் பிள்ளை சங்கம் (descendant from this group). It will be an interesting project to see a geneology map overlaid with liguistics, clutural and geolocation data to see movement of people, beliefs and cultures.


Family 2023 Our Puppy Dog

Places of Work / Contributions

There is a saying - “If you want to measure a persons worth, measure the lives that they have touched!”. Although, I truly cannot measure the lives that I have personally touched, I can indirectly measure the contributions I have made to humanity through my service over the years to the wonderful companies, organizations, and entities that I have had the privileged to work for. And the countless companies that have used my products and the services that I have helped shape over the years.

Below is a list of organizations that I have worked for: (current & past - in no special order)*

  • Federal Government
  • Leidos
  • Eliassen Group
  • Data Direct Networks
  • Systems Alliance
  • Random House Publishing / Penguin Random House
  • United States Fidelity & Guarantee Company (USF&G) / St. Paul / Travelers Insurance Company
  • T. Rowe Price Investments, Inc.
  • Cap Gemini Group / Ernst & Young / Sogeti
  • Rewards Plus of America / Hewitt / Aon-Hewitt / Aon
  • DrFirst
  • Campus Book Hound
  • Advanced Ticketing and Management System / ASC Tickets
  • Secure Stax

During COVID-19 (which everyone in my generation in this century will remember for sure), I began to realize how small and fragile we are in this universe. So whenever I needed a little motivation, I look to this wall for inspiration! I call it: “My Wall of Motivation”:

My Wall of Motivation

A Footnote till we meet again…

I hope you find my collections of thoughts, ideas and journal useful. Don’t forget to subscribe to my email on the right side :-)

Always Remember to be a little more Confident and Fearless! And know that all things in life are possible with perseverance and willpower!
(- my grandfather)


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