Copy to Clipboard - a browser agnostic way to script this functionality

Have you tried to present some code or sample content for the end-user that you wanted to allow them to easily copy to their clip-board? If you use the JQuery Javascript library then you can use the plugin called zClip available here - zClip Using zclip you can attach an event to a button or a text-area such that when the event occurs, the content is copied to the clipboard.

jQuery Accordian Internet Explorer 6 Issue

If you are using the Accordian UI from jQuery and your accordion body (the content in div.ui-accordion-content tag) contains anchor tags then you might experience a few glitches in IE6 where the display might not render properly when selected. One way to address this issue is the following: Add this to the header… [sourcecode language=“jscript”] [/sourcecode] This will force a refresh of the content when expanded. The other thing that you may not have is a doctype defined in the header.