Weblogic 10.3 Heap Size (does not allow 3072mb)

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? In tuning Weblogic 10.3 R27.6.0-50 for Windows, we were trying various values for the heap size. Startup jRockit options: [sourcecode language=“jscript”] -Xms1024m -Xmx1024m [/sourcecode] We were setting both values to the same. 1024m = worked 2048m = worked 3072m = did not work 4096m = worked Did anyone experience a similar problem in allocating? Is there something special about 3072MB? Update from Sept. 28th, 2010: When we tried this additional property in the start-up parameter the 3GB option works: -XxcompressedRefs=0

Weblogic 10.3 - Using clear passwords while in production mode

In Weblogic, (on your development server or workstation), you might want to run it in “production mode” but you don’t want to go through and encrypt all the database passwords in the JDBC files for your development database servers. Well, this article shows you how. Before you do this, make sure you are NOT doing this in a production environment. By doing this in a real-production environment, you may be compromising the security of your production infrastructure.