Photos from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

<img src="/img/2016/10/nationalshrine.png" alt="nationalshrine"> <img src="/img/2016/10/nationalshrine1.png" alt="nationalshrine"> Recently visited the Basilica of the National Shrine and each time I visit this beautiful place I’m spellbound. It is one of the hidden gems to visit when you are visiting the capital. Here are some pictures from my recent visit. Click here for the photos from the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception in Michigan Avenue, Washington, DC. The beautiful murals are a work of art!

First baseball game ever at Yankees Stadium, Bronx - Yankees vs. Orioles

First baseball game ever! Pictures from the Yankees Stadium, Bronx - Yankees vs. Orioles. Unfortunately Orioles lost that game on Saturday. They won the game on Sunday 5-2. <img src="/img/2016/10/img_20161001_164414.jpg?w=1024" alt="img_20161001_164414"> <img src="/img/2016/10/img_20161001_164342.jpg?w=1024" alt="img_20161001_164342"> <img src="/img/2016/10/img_20161001_164327.jpg?w=1024" alt="img_20161001_164327"> <img src="/img/2016/10/img_20161001_163114.jpg?w=1024" alt="img_20161001_163114">

Egyptian History as we know today

<img src="/img/2016/03/pharoah_ramses_british_museum.jpg" alt="Pharoah_Ramses_British_Museum"> Much of the Egyptian/Nubian history and culture we know today was a result of colonization by the European empires. In their thirst for expansion, they colonized much of the known world. In India, the Dutch, the Portuguese then the British all came under the name of colonization and expansion. They came in search of new trade-routes to the orient and as history has it, the interests of trade slowly turned into colonization and expansion of the empire.

Interesting pics from our trip to India

Interesting pics from our trip to India I took this shot from a higher elevation against the backdrop of the Gopura (vimana) of our ancestral family temple in Kaniyur, Tamil Nadu, India. Google photo animation stitched the pictures to create the animation. <img src="/img/2015/07/20150623_123205_001-animation.gif" alt="20150623_123205_001-ANIMATION"> <img src="/img/2015/07/20150623_123200.jpg?w=1024" alt="20150623_123200">

Beautiful Island of Santorini, Greece

Here are a few photographs I took on a clear sunny day in the island of Santorini, Greece. Beautiful city carved out of a violent burst of volcano - shows the greatness of humanity and what we can overcome with endurance and strength!