Kairosdb - Cassandra - localhost:9160 - connection refused

If you install the latest KariosDB and Cassandra, when you try starting KariosDB pointing to the Cassandra storage, you will see the following exception: 03-14|14:24:42.331 [main] ERROR [HConnectionManager.java:71] - Could not start connection pool for host localhost( 03-14|14:24:42.331 [main] INFO [CassandraHostRetryService.java:68] - Host detected as down was added to retry queue: localhost( 03-14|14:24:42.332 [Hector.me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.CassandraHostRetryService-1] DEBUG [HThriftClient.java:152] - Creating a new thrift connection to localhost( 03-14|14:24:42.334 [Hector.me.prettyprint.cassandra.connection.CassandraHostRetryService-1] DEBUG [HThriftClient.java:183] - Unable to open transport to localhost(127.