How to change your humidifier canister for Honeywell HM750A1000?

Article shows you how to change your humidifier canister for Honeywell HM750A1000 Advanced Electrode Steam Humidifier.

What is this article about?

Article shows you how to change your humidifier canister for Honeywell HM750A1000 Advanced Electrode Steam Humidifier.


Before you turn on the heat this fall, they recommend that you change the canister each year. According to the manual, and I quote: “Cylinder light [o] : This yellow LED will illuminate when the humidifier has determined that the cylinder is nearing the end of its life, due to scale accumulation on the electrodes. The LED will flash on and off, during which time the humidifier will continue to operate as normal. After 7 days of flashing, the LED will remain on solid, and the humidifier will not generate steam. The cylinder must be replaced. See “Cylinder Replacement KIT” on page 19. of the manual.”

Probably best to replace it before you turn ON the heat. Otherwise, you need to drain first to release the steam to avoid burns.

The cylinder kit: Honeywell HM750ACYL

Available at Amazon here (I am not an affiliate of this vendor or site)

DISCLAIMER: It is always important to follow all safety standards and procedures as outlined in the product manual. My steps below are only supplimental to the manual.

TIP: You need to shut off the drain valve before you remove the canister. Trace the copper tube going out of the unit to the inlet going to your hot water heater. You will find the shut-off valve.

Also, don’t forget to… Disconnect main power source before accessing internal compartments.

I have created a one-page illustration to help guide the process.

Open image in full-screen

Step-By-Step instructions

  1. Turn OFF your Nest HVAC.
  2. Power OFF the unit. Will take upto ten minutes to drain and shutoff.
  3. Turn OFF the incoming water valve.
  4. Turn OFF at the circuit breaker for humidifier.
  5. Wait for 10-20 mins (in case there is any steam build up).
  6. Remove the three electrical plugs.
  7. Release the two clamps and rubber should come off with some force.
  8. Twist and lift the canister. Keep a paper towel handy at the bottom to catch any run off water.
  9. Clean the drain valve (bottom) of any debris.
  10. Drop in the new canister and reverse the process above.


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