Apache Jackrabbit

GreaseMonkey to the rescue - fixing Apache Jackrabbit Site

Starting yesterday the Apache JackRabbit JCR website had an interesting problem. Someone must have made a change to the base template such that they had removed the SyntaxHighlighter code that needs to be appended to the header. I’ve opened an issue in their jira issue tracker. Contents of JIRA Issue »»»» It started happening today. When I visit the website, for example: http://jackrabbit.apache.org/node-type-notation.html All the artifacts that contain a “SCRIPT” of type syntaxhighlighter does not get displayed.

How to setup Brix-cms (with Apache Jackrabbit as a cluster) - Part 1 of 3

PS: This tutorial assumes that you are familiar with deploying applications (war files) in Tomcat, setting up datasource\connection pooling using Apache DBCP and in using H2 Database. Objective: Setup two instances of Brix-cms backed by a clustered Jackrabbit JCR on the back-end persisted onto a H2 database. Because there is so much to cover, I will cover the pieces in three installments. Installment #1: What and why of Brix-cms. Intro into why we care about Brix and JCR.