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What if we’re living in a computer simulation? | Technology | The Guardian

<img src=";q=55&amp;auto=format&amp;usm=12&amp;fit=max&amp;s=85e6a8e12d37b3885dff8a5fd5ca19d2" alt=""> Virtual reality technology is making great advances, but it has also helped popularise a theory long debated by philosophers and now gaining supporters in Silicon Valley – that the outside world is itself a simulation Source: What if we’re living in a computer simulation? | Technology | The Guardian

The Future of Web Development: Coding as a Service

<img src="/img/2017/03/webdevelopment2.png" alt=""> The article talks about the comoditization of web development as a service (Coding as a Service - CaaS). For the price of two Venti Iced Caramel Macchiatos per month you can run a respectable website with little to no technical experience... Artificial Intelligence will enable more complex combinations of code to be fit together through an automated process... The quantity and quality of customization with AI will be staggering.

What is Blockchain Technology? A Step-by-Step Guide For Beginners

Blockchain technology is not a technology solely for Bitcoin but rather a creative way to keep a digital ledger of economic transactions. This technology can be applied in a variety of fields such that the chain cannot be owned by a single entity and has no single point of failure. It provides a backbone with transparency and incorruptibility. Imagine a world where every transaction, whether it is a real-estate property transaction or a work-contract or an acknowledgement receipt of a email or an acceptance of work or payment or a medication delivery system releasing a medication into a patients blood-stream can be recorded such that it is indisputable and irrevocable.

Horrific floods in Ellicott City - Maryland and walk-up walk-down basement drain problem

This past week, Ellicott City, Maryland had one of the worst floods in a long time. You can see some of the devastation that it has caused in this link . Fortunately, only my basement had a little bit of flooding. But interestingly, this has been the second flooding in over a month. This made me question the drain at the bottom of the walk-down/walk-up basement. Here is a picture of the drain at the bottom of the stairwell.

Email sent to Harry's Shave Club today!

Yes, I sent an email to Harry’s Shave Club today! Being close to technology is a blessing and a curse sometimes. You start seeing ways to improve the user experience in everything you touch and you feel compelled to make the world a better place. So “yes” - you’ve heard it. I am a member of Harry’s Shave Club. I got tired of buying those expensive store brand razors that starts with a “G”.

Welcome to the Age Of Light: Two BIG innovations in Graphene and nano technology can forge a new future for mankind

#AgeOfLight <img src="/img/2015/08/ageoflight.jpg" alt="AgeOfLight"> As I was reading today’s news (Science) breakthroughs, I came across two independent discovery/invention but combined makes a HUGE breakthrough and paves the way for a BIGHTER FUTURE!!! If this peeks your interest read further. [#1] Invention: Manufacturing Graphene using Tea-Extract What problem does this solve? Today, manufacturing Graphene takes a lot of time and can only produce/grow small amounts of the material. It takes a lot of energy, raw-material and time - to produce the small quantities of the product.

Ingenious Idea : Whitelines + iPhone = Great Wireframing/Design Tool

I’m an Android user and today I’m wishing I owned a iPhone or iPad after seeing this idea… It’s called Whitelines . To create a printable paper that uses “white-lines” instead of the usual “solid-black/blue lines” and to take it a step further to add some scan marks such that a iPhone can take a digital picture of your notes and make it available online. The possibilities are endless. Here how the process works: