DevOps/GitOps: DevOps95 Columbia 2020 : Kubernetes : Getting Started

Summary of the teck-talk given on 'Getting Started with Kubernetes' by Tiffany Jernigan. Gives you an overview of the fundamentals and latest tips on where the DevOps/GitOps world is evolving with respect to 'Kubernetes'

Design by - Venkatt Guhesan

Design by - Venkatt Guhesan

DevOps/GitOps: DevOps95 / DevOps Columbia / 2020

DevOps Days ( is a global phenomenon going on each year. This year due to COVID-19 lock down, the event was hosted online and in partnership with various meet-ups in the I-95 (interstate 95) corridor. The idea of a DevOps95 grew out of the series of towns and suburbs connecting on the interstate I-95 route on East-Coast. It is an one-day virtual meet-up (on Zoom) where industry leaders from GitOps and DevOps shared their knowledge with others. This was my first DevOps meeting with the Columbia, Maryland DevOps group (Burak T. - Thanks for sharing this event with me). It was a very educational event. The complete event lasted over 12+ hours with various presenters. You can view the complete 12-hour event here on YouTube.

Getting Started With Kubernetes by Tiffany Jernigan

I was lucky enough to attended the DevOps Columbia, Maryland Meetup portion of the online event where Tiffany Jernigan (Senior Developer Advocate from VMware) gave a talk on “Getting Started with Kubernetes”.

Since I enjoyed this tech-talk, I felt that it will benefit others looking into Kubernetes. I clipped just the portion of the “Getting Started with Kubernetes” tech-talk (approximately 1.2 hrs. long) from the 12-hour segment and posted it on YouTube with relevant links back to the presenter. The credit for this goes to Tiffany and the Columbia DevOps/DevOps95 group. I am essentially facilitating by shortening the video. Additionally, as I was reviewing the tech-talk I created the mind-maps for this segment. The mind-maps should help the busy folks (and for developers that prefer something to follow along as Tiffany steps you through the details. The mind-map is available both in PDF and PNG file for easy consumption.)

If you can spare about 1hr and 20 minutes, it will be well worth your time in learning the basics on how Kubernetes works and the various components. Let’s go to the video.

Presented by: Tiffany Jernigan, Senior Developer Advocate at VMware (@tiffanyfayj)
Presented Date: Thu, Jun 11th, 2020
Slide deck for this presentation: PowerPoint Slide Deck
Mind-Map of this presentation:

  • Mind-Map As PDF
  • Mind-Map As PNG

For DevOps95 event visit:

This segment of the event is hosted/presented by the DevOps Columbia group.
You can visit our meetup at DevOps-Columbia for upcoming events in your area.
I am only facilitating with the trimming the 12 hr. video series into manageable consumable parts in hope that it will benefit others along the way.
Complete 12 hr. video series can be located here: DevOps95-June 2020 Full 12 hr. Video

MindMap by - Venkatt Guhesan

MindMap by - Venkatt Guhesan

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